Our Policy: All Vendors must comply with rules established by the management of Horror sideshow Market and the host venue . Vendors should notify us at the time of registration if wall space will be needed.  Vendors may not use anything that will damage the hotels walls. Vendors will be held responsible for any damage that they cause. Vendors will not use anything other than blue painters tape to affix displays to the walls. We reserves the right to refuse to allow displays or the sale of merchandise that it determines to be dangerous or offensive. If you are concerned about whether your display or merchandise may be considered dangerous or offensive by our management please contact us prior to registration for pre-approval. We in no way supports, warrants or endorses any merchandise, exhibits, views, beliefs or actions displayed, offered, sold or taken by any Vendor. Vendors acknowledge and agree that they participate in the HSM at their own risk, and that HSM does not make any representation or warranty with regard to any matter relating to the HSM , including without limitation, foot traffic or sales volume. Vendors shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless all members, volunteers, workers, employees and agents of HSM and the Hotel  and their respective successors and assigns from and against any and all loss, cost, damage, liability, theft, expenses, claims or actions of any kind or nature arising from any personal or property damage, loss or theft arising in any manner from participation in the HSM.  As part of the registration fee, each Vendor shall be provided with  TWO (2) weekend passes for the first table/booth purchased and 1 additional weekend pass for each additional table. Each additional weekend pass for persons providing services for the Vendor shall be provided at a rate of  $10 for each weekend pass.  All Vendor tables must be operated by at least one person during the entire time that the Vendor Room is open. As a vendor we also ask you do not pack up early until the show has ended. Failure to show up by 9am to set up table forfeits your space and HSM will assign a new vendor to the space.  HSM reserves the right to require any Vendor remove themselves from the venue and forfeit their registration fee for non-compliance with the rules established by HSM or the Hotel . Vendor acknowledges and agrees that Edison Expo Center may assess separate penalties for failure to comply with the rules established by the venue.

SPONSORSHIP/VENDOR/PROMOTIONAL GUIDELINES: To promote at HSM you must be a sponsor. No Vendor or person with more than 200 postcards or three of the same (company or event) shirts can be present at one time. One banner is allowed to promote at your purchased vendor table but for only what you are selling. Vendor can not promote other events at the event unless a sponsorship is purchased for the specific event or vendor or person gets a table for specific event. If these rules are not followed you will be asked to leave our event immediately.

CHARITY GUIDELINES: If  you are a charity you would are required to provide a 501(c) organization form for nonprofit organization. The table for a charity is $100 to cover cost of the table and expense of the space etc… The charity will get 2 total passes for the table.